Global shipping for you, by you!

A brand new platform for communities to ship and shop for consumer products is an economical, fast and eco-friendly way

We connect you

With verified travelers to safety ship your products across the globe

Did you know?

A standard package delivery through a regular courier negetively impacts the environment while demanding more time and money

Earn as you travel

Share the excess space in you baggage or vehical to ship to products for verified shoppers and earn money in return

Become a Global Shopper

Explore exciting new products and deals from around the global and request for them now!

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Champions of the kvest

Reduce up to 12% in carbon emission per delivery. Lead the world to save our planet. We only got one!

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Fast and Affordable Delivery

Order your products through our verified travelers and save up to 70% on international shipping cost

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Make Money

You read it right! You earn by using the idle space in your baggage or vehicle to ship products for verified user

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Personal Touch

Worry free shipping of products close to your heart. Each product is shipped in personal care

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Thrive in Communities

Find you own tribe with shared interests & solve complex logistics problems for each other

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Loyalty Benefits

Earn our loyalty points called Kvest Miles with every successful transaction. Redeem them with our marketing partners

We Got Your Back

Kvest guarantees the highest standards of trust and safety. We ensure to curate a fun and memorable experience for you each time

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Rest Insured

We offer insurance for up to the full declared value of your product, further securing each delivery

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Open-box Policy

At any time before your travel, you can request to see the contents of the product you will carry

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Verified Profiles

We ensure sturdy profiling of each user and constantly monitoring the community to ensure the strictest safety.

Join Us !

Create the world's largest connected delivery service. Of course, powered by YOU!